Secure Events and Assets (SEAA) is at the forefront of Australian owned security companies. We continue to excel in the provision of security services for crowd management, special events and premier sites around the country. Our security expertise extends to asset management, touring and projects, personal security, and consulting and management.

Our philosophy is to provide professional, customer-focused security personnel who are trained to maintain a safe and secure environment.

We carefully match our client’s target demographic with age-appropriate personnel, so there is an acceptable public face to protect the asset and assist patrons. This tailored approach, combined with our continuous improvement systems, ensures SEAA maintains a high standard of excellence.

Our clients include facility and event management companies, corporate business and government. We understand that every client has a unique set of values and needs, so we work closely with them to define the parameters of their requirements. We then develop operational, administrative and reporting systems that meet and exceed these requirements.

The key advantage to partnering with SEAA for your security needs is our tailored, end-to-end approach. Our security solutions include:

Events & Festivals

Security & Crowd management
Crowd controllers, assest protection

Event Staff
Ushers & front of house staff, ticketing staff, parking attendants, RSA Marshals

Certified traffic managers & controllers

Auxillary Services
Fire wardens, first aid officers, control room operators, safety officers

Site & Asset Protection

Guarding Services
Concierge, patrols, ranger services, control room operators, asset protection

Electronic Security
CCTV installation, alarms installation, monitoring

Touring & Projects

Venue Services
Crowd and security management, advance planning, audit and compliance, liaison

Auxillary Services
Provision of drivers, medical staff, personal security, vehicles

Personal Security

Provision of Personal Security
Physical security, mitigation practices and solutions, client liaison (external stakeholders), surveillance, transport and logistics

Consulting & Management

Guarding Services
Risk management, crowd management, event safety, Occupational health and safety, security management, business continuity, emergency management, training, logistics


Crowd Controllers
RSA Marshals, event staff, fire wardens, asset

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