SEAA recognises that personal security is a specialised, highly sensitive delivery area. We’ve worked with government agencies on a national and international level, and we understand the need for confidentiality and privacy in this domain. Therefore, our personal security personnel are trained to be discreet without compromising the client’s security.

Every client’s potential threats are distinct, so we tailor our security to meet the client’s needs and fit in with their lifestyle. Because situations can develop quickly and spontaneously, our security response is flexible and caters for all potential situations, from an overzealous fan to a potential assailant. This affords the client complete security and peace of mind.

Our personal security clients range from corporate executives, to government officials, to music, television, film and entertainment personalities.

SEAA can provide the following personal security services:

  • Physical security
  • Mitigation practices and solutions
  • Client liaison
  • Surveillance
  • Transport and logistics

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